generate acknowledgements for software, datasets, and facilities in astronomy
see how people are sharing and using your research
Resources for astronomers, statisticians and computer scientists
write collaboratively and export for publication
create a website using CfA web servers
license your scholarly content
harvest full-text documents for text and data mining
Write a funder-specific data management plan
archive and share your data
archive and share your data and publications
Host your work, version your code, and collaborate!
build a website from your GitHub repos
Python library for multidimensional data visualization
track citations of your work
track the online impact of your research
interactive notebooks for developing and sharing code
mine astronomical literature
Uniquely identify yourself and get credit for your work
Free and open-source cloud-based management for your projects
Harvard website publishing platform
Write LaTeX collaboratively and export for publication
Javascript visualization library with convenient APIs
share your research with non-scientists
powerful, open, general-purpose programming language
language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
find, identify, and cite research data
Data repositories recommended by the Smithsonian.
write collaboratively and export for publication
create visualizations intuitively
web development and technical resources for astronomers
interactive virtual telescope platform
archive your data, code, and informal publications; make your work citable
create and participate in citizen science projects